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    Kolorádó is now in its seventh year at the Sztrilich Pál Scout Park. The scouts keep the area tidy all year round, this is why it’s important for us to respect our surroundings. At the end of June, you will move in and take over these field, these forest and all the places around Kolorádó.

    Zene Háza Nagyszínpad (Main Stage)

    You can listen to our main acts here, as this is where the most of you can fill the area at the same time.


    This one is the least difficult to find. It’s a wooden, boarded-up barn where amazing concerts and electronic music happen nightly. During the day it provides shade and covers contemporary dance/theatre performances and workshops. Literally.


    The creature familiar from Hungarian sagas, became the guardian spirit of this electronic music stage. Tents and a campfire at night shelter weary wanderers within walking distance.


    Every year, a group of people from all over the world move their hippy island to the festival for a few days. Tribal rhythms, concerts, electronic music, lots of shade and hammocks await you here. During the day it’s the venue for many non-music activities.


    The most mystical and natural place of the festival. Wild beats, experimental tunes, dadaism or drum performances, anything can happen here.


    The KERET blog will also materialize in Kolorádó as a secluded, intimate meeting place where the city’s most exciting up-and-coming artists and the hottest pop DJs will take the stage. It’s also where tired festival-goers always end up around 4 AM.


    We’ve built a space where you can learn through all kinds of workshops, performances, creations and artistic expression. In the evenings, you can come here to relax, of course, with the most surprising concerts, dance and DJ programs inviting you into this wooden building.

    Erdei rave

    The best things often happen by accident. You don’t plan for it, you don’t prepare for it, you’re just part of it – for example, you find yourself at a spontaneous rave party in the middle of the woods. That’s the atmosphere we based this stage on.


    There are countless opportunities for connection in Kolorádó. You can connect with nice people, with nature – and with yourself. The Oasis and its surroundings are a haven for non-musical recharging.