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    At Kolorádó, we believe that in order for everything to run smoothly, it is essential to have a dedicated team of volunteers to help run the festival. That’s why we are looking for anyone who has the scout spirit and would like to join our volunteer team. We expect you to be reliable, committed and ready to do something, as the preparation and running of the whole event is a big task. Meanwhile, you’ll have the chance to meet fantastic people and experience behind the scenes of the festival. 

    There are five teams you can apply to: 

    Physical team – construction (before the event)

    The task is to lay the foundations of the festival, so for this position we are looking for energetic and creative faces who would like to build tents, make signboards, carry essentials. The goal: to build the festival from scratch. The work will be done before the festival, so if you want to experience Kolorádó sooner, this is the place for you, in exchange for no work during the festival, just a lot of fun. 

    Events assistance

    Kolorádó has quite a colourful palette of programmes, so it’s good to have the necessary flexibility and problem-solving skills. You’ll be the one in the woods helping to implement art projects, optimise decorations, provide scenery, and more to ensure the festival runs smoothly. 

    Information point

    There’s one place in the middle of the Kolorádó where everything flows in and out: the Info Desk. It’s the first stop for many festival-goers to find out what’s on, where to go for yoga, for a shower or where to get a “cigarette butt holder”. And those who work here will know all that, and much more, as they will be able to see the festival’s bloodstream from here. 

    Mass coordination (at the gates and all around)

    Ever seen a policeman directing traffic at a major intersection? That’s the job of a crowd coordinator. Kolorádó holds 6,000 people, so there will be quite a lot of festival-goers to point in the right direction, let in, give tickets to, and steer back on the right path. You’ll be helping out at the main junctions to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

    Physical team – wrecking (after the event)

    Unfortunately, Kolorádó is not infinite. Someone has to take down the decorations and pack up the sound stages as if nothing had happened. It’s a great option if you don’t want to let the festival go at once, or if you want to literally go behind the scenes.

    Good to know before applying:

    Once the teams are set, hopefully until the 7th of May, we will contact you and share further details, as we are planning to organize meetups before the festival to get to know each other better, to share further info, and clarify any questions. 

    In case of any questions, please feel free to message us at


    Deadline: 30th of April