HU — Sound performance
Listening Club: Half Asleep – Somló Dávid & Guests

Where is that fine line between being awake and asleep? Can we dream together? Can sounds direct our dreams?

David Somló’s series of events explores the boundaries of listening in the plain, empty space of Trafó Studio. During this performance a live composition, utilizing simple elements and combining multichannel light and sound, will slowly unfold on the senses, creating an immersive, field recording-inspired environment that will envelope the listener. Thus, Listening Club will transcend the individual nature of those attending to create a collective experience.

You can be a part of the performance on three days of the festival and meet three artists of the Hungarian music scene collaborating with Somló everyday in the early hours. Csernovszky Márton (alias OOO) on Thursday, Szabó Bálint (Gosheven, 12z) on Friday and Mákó Rozi on Saturday

David Somló is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist. In his artistic practice he is interested in those human interactions that are small but significant, as well as the exploration of audience perception, utilizing both time and performance spaces. He composes situations.

His work has been performed at international festivals in Europe and South America, including FIME Sao Paolo (BR), Sonorities (NIR), CROSS Awards (IT), We Are Now (UK), NOW16 (UK), Audiograft (UK), Montag Modus (GER), Let Me In (GER), UH Festival (HU), L1 Dance Festival (HU), and Reality Research Festival (HU).

Sound: Csernovszky Márton (OOO), Szabó Bálint (Gosheven 12z), Mákó Rozi

Concept, light: Somló Dávid