HU — Theatre Performance
PROCESSZIÓ DÉBILE – Szabó Vera, Molnár Csaba

Processzió Débile is a performative walk, that resembles the rituals of processions conducted by two grotesque figures commuting between profane and sacred planets.
After their resurrection they invite the people of Kolorádó to a torch-lit demonstration so they can pass through between sky and earth together.
The immersive performance is a coproduction of dancer-coreographist Csaba Molnár and actor-director Veronika Szabó, that started in 2019 as a stage of their bouffon research.
The bouffon is a deformed creature, its movement is characterised by the limits of its body that results in grotesque and surreal movement. The bouffon is deviant, it questions and parodies social norms.
It’s origins go back to the middle age where people in towns and villages often banished people who were deformed, disabled or sexualy deviant. On one day of the year, the day of carneval, theye were called back to entertain the people with their debility.
We are going to do the same with our procession.

The performance at Kolorádó festival was supported by the Imre Zoltán Program of the National Cultural Fund