POL — Dance, Theatre and Performance
Ludomir Franczak: Walden

nature and civilization

Kolorádó is about escaping, having no network and connecting with the micro-world we create, which includes the surrounding nature and peace, but also all the life and art we put there together during a few days.Walden is a performance sponsored by UH fest and Shape platform and tells a story about self-reliance and about the necessity of a conscious approach toward nature, state and civilization. It also draws attention to the sensible listening to the world.


The title WALDEN is a pond in the middle of a forest at which Henry David Thoreau built his cabin and moved into on July 4, 1845, and where he lived alone for the next two years. In the performance it becomes a symbol of a place of seclusion, and escape from overwhelming reality. The picture remains static, as in the 19th century dioramas, becoming a kind of illustration for the action taking place in the partially pre-recorded and partially created live sound layers. Walden is a performance based on the novel by Henry Thoreau,  inspired by the convention of the nineteenth-century box theater and at the same time it operates with modern means crossing the borders of theater, visual and sound arts.



Screenplay and stage performance – Ludomir Franczak
Voice – Emil Franczak
Audio production – Marcin Dymiter
Project created during the artist residence at House of Words in Lublin/Poland

The realization of the performance at the festival is supported by UH Fest, the Shape Platform and the Creative Programme of the European Union and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute.

12th of August/ Thursday 22:00-23:00 / Oázis
13th of August./ Friday 21:00-22:00 / Oázis
14th of August / Saturday 22:00-23:00 / Oázis