SRB — Multimedia Performance
Lag – Sandra Lakićević (Műtő)

Sandra Lakićević presents a sensible and delicate multimedia performance which gives us the
opportunity to step out from the rush and immerse into the contemplative life.
Lag is about the present, even though it is made of fragments of the past. The viewer is invited to
engage with the time as it goes by, but without a reference to the real-world time of day. As it moves
from digital to analogue, and intangible to tangible, and back, this work explores both: the
transformation of the underlying medium through light, sound, matter, and the notions of memory
and time.

Sandra Lakićević (1990) is a Serbian visual artist, currently lives and works in Leuven, Belgium.

The artist participates in Kolorádó Festival as a guest of MŰTŐ artist-run gallery. Her performance is
part of Sandbox Festival which is supported by Summa Artium.