HU — Ritual Performance
Jaqui Taboo’s Holy Show – Gray Box

The “Holy Show” is a performance and a shamanistic ritual at the same time, in which the performers impart the audience in a sacrifice and a joydance resembling a tribal ceremony, referring to their most ancient and primal gestures.
From the hipnotic solo of the firejuggler turned into a priestess, from the rhytmic dance, from the transcendent procession and mutual marching the participants experience a kind of flowing, swirling extasy, that is further enchanced with the ritual costumes and makeups.
The multisensoral, immersive and interactive performance, that provides individual and collective experiences at the same time, rethinks the performer-spectator relation and interprets the social interactive show as a kind of ritual performance run by collective energies.
The “Holy Show” is party, relaxation, escaping, and an inner journey as well.

Priestess: Bakonyi Zsuzsa
Leader of the good spirits: Alacsony Zsóka
Leader of the bad spirits: Almási Szabina
Leader of the ambivalent spirits: Juhász Janka
Servants of the temple: Ádám Anna, Nényei Lujza, Osvay Róza