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  • Our values

    A wonderful time together also requires shared values. Not dogmas or rules, but principles that we all share. These values guide us from the very first moment of planning the festival from the organisation through the creative tasks to the dreaming and execution of the small details, and also in correcting any mistakes and becoming better and better with you, by you, year after year.


    Every year, we create our own world in the hills of Buda, where we are on our own for a few days, out of the ordinary – at least that’s how we experience it. Away from the city, without a signal, in a place with a special energy. There is something very captivating about the location of Kolorádó, which had us from the first moment we visited it. Of course, it would be nothing without your energy. Here, for a few days, we are finally ourselves to be together, and we are together to be even better versions of ourselves again.


    We have always strived for diversity at Kolorádó. We love a cavalcade of genres, people and color, and this drives us in our choices. We make it our priority to give everyone an equal opportunity to show their talent. We consider a Berghain techno dj, Benedek Szabó and participatory theatre to be equal. From the diversity of our programmes comes the diversity of our community, and from this we draw our strength. We have no room for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism or any form of exclusion.


    Kolorádó is a free festival. We act without external or internal constraints in all our decisions, and we choose our partners, performers and collaborators accordingly. In every step we take, we strive to give the invited artists and the audience the freedom to embrace and express themselves, to accept their surroundings. From this courage, security and openness, a shared knowledge is forged, which is Kolorádó’s own. We believe in the freedom of knowledge and art.


    Our approach to culture is defined by openness from step zero. We strive to follow the smallest shifts so that we can deliver value to our communities in a constantly renewed way. Instead of gatekeepers, we want to be catalysts, developing our knowledge by sharing it with you. To become in times of uncertainty, because those who know where they are going are more certain of their steps. So out of curiosity, we try to build your cultural confidence every day.


    We know perfectly well that nature around us is only loaned to us, we are guests therefore we should behave as such. We only take as much as we can give back, and do our best to leave as small a footprint as possible. Kolorádó found home in the forest and loves it as it has evolved over thousands of years and wants to see it intact and healthy for a very long time.


    From time and time again, we have to realize that the more we know about the world, the more we have left to discover. In Kolorádó, we dare to make mistakes, learn from our mistakes, and reserve the right to do better the next day. We dare to doubt whether yesterday’s absolute is still true today. Ignorance is an opportunity, we must take it.