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Kolorado is what we think a festival should be in 2018. We like quality, not quantity; shared experiences, not crowds; freedom, not fenced off VIP areas.

You’ll find Kolorádó where nature meets the city, only half an hour from the center of Budapest, but surrounded by forests. Here we set up our weirdly wonderful stages, and for a long summer weekend, for four days and four nights we gather our favourite bands and DJ’s. You can set up your tent, but let us start the fire - in every sense of the word.

In Kolorádó we love and respect nature, and we love and respect each other. We take care of nature and we take care of each other. In Kolorádó it’s us, our freedom and our laws.

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Every year we invite a bunch of fresh international artists and the best Hungarian bands and DJ’s to Kolorádó. In 2018 we’ll try to outdo ourselves. We like international acts that rarely play in Hungary, and we like our Hungarian performers to surprise us with shows that we haven’t seen before. And Kolorádó is not just about the parties, This year we’ll show you that there is life beyond the music, from cultural happenings to sports.
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What to eat, what to drink

Kolorádó lasts for four days,  so your are unlikely to survive without food and drinks. We can’t promise you what your mum cooks, but we can definitely feed as well as anybody in Budapest. We like to serve you food and drinks that are more than just simple festival fuel. But don’t worry: if you only want fuel, we’ll still have you covered.