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  • House rules


    Festival-goers who buy a ticket, as well as holders of other entitlements, automatically accept this common set of rules.


    Kolorádó opens at 4 PM on the 3rd of July 2024, and closes at 8 AM on the 7th of July.

    This is a medley of different generations. A regulated medley, mind you. Entry to Kolorádó is free for those under the age of 12, and is permitted only with parental supervision under the age of 16. Everyone under 18 will receive a distinguishing armband, as they cannot buy alcohol at the bar. Underage people who stay after 10 PM without parental supervision may be removed from the festival. The staff, in order to enforce house rules, is entitled to ask guests to verify their age. While you can refuse to do so, note that this means you cannot enter the festival.

    Entering and staying inside Kolorádó are only allowed with a valid armband that you get in exchange for your ticket at the entrance. Keep the original tickets by all means so you can get your armband! Organizers will monitor the validity of armbands at the entrances, exits and around the festival area. If you’re not wearing it or it’s invalid, you are obligated to leave the area of the event. Make sure you take care of your armband, as if it tears or gets damaged and you leave the site, we cannot guarantee your re-entry to the festival. We do not take responsibility for any inconvenience caused by such events.

    If you have a pass, you’re free to go anywhere anytime (except for after 9 PM if there’s a full house). If you have a daily ticket, you’re only free to come as you please until 10 AM the next morning.

    A two-day pass allows one person to enter and stay for two consecutive programme days. A two-day pass is valid only for the programme days indicated in the name of the ticket type and cannot be used to change or modify the entitlements it confers.

    Ticket counterfeiting and those involved will be subject to legal proceedings. Do not do that! We also don’t recommend buying tickets anywhere else but our official resellers, as every ticket is stamped with a unique number and is copy protected. We will check for these at the festival.

    All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

    You may only enter and exit the area of Kolorádó through the official entrances. It’s not worth trying to get in anywhere else: the area is dangerous, and is full of nettles and holes. And keep in mind: staff members will continuously monitor the presence and validity of armbands on site.

    Our secondary ticketing partner is Ticketswap. If you are looking to sell your tickets or make a secure second-hand purchase, we recommend using Ticketswap.

    It is forbidden to enter Kolorádó with a motorized vehicle (except with a permission). Please use public transport, the shuttle bus or taxis to get to the festival. You may only park your car in the designated outside parking lot. Vehicles parked illegally will be towed, and their owners may be subject to infringement proceedings.

    While you may not bring your car inside, you’re welcome to bring your bicycle. You can bring it in and keep it in the designated bike storage area, they are safe, but we cannot take responsibility for it. However, you must take it away by 8am on Sunday morning so our staff can work after the festival.


    Anyone who behaves in a manner that threatens the physical wellbeing, property rights, or material possessions of others, as well as the environment; disturbs the peace by disorderly conduct; behaves in a manner that requires police measures; incites hate towards other social groups; or causes civil unrest with aggressive behavior may be removed from the area of Kolorádó.

    Anyone who refuses the necessary security screening, or cannot verify their age with an ID or other valid official document, or has already been removed from the festival for breaching the house rules may be prohibited from entering.

    The area of Kolorádó is private property. Visitors who give probable cause (intoxication, being under the influence of drugs—prohibited at the event anyway—, disorderly conduct, disturbance or threatening of others) may be shut out and removed from the event.

    Anyone who damages or steals Kolorádó property may be removed from the event by staff members or appointed workers. In case of damages, the perpetrators may be subject to police charges, regardless of the extent of the damage done. Don’t be an asshole.

    The organizers maintain the right to overrule the entry of certain individuals if they feel that their behavior, appearance or mental state is inappropriate for the festival. The organizers, on their own authority and after a warning, may remove anyone (and seize their armbands) who behaves in a manner not compatible with the atmosphere of the festival, is severely intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Please report any disorderly conduct you witness to the organizers or the security guards immediately.

    If you have been removed from the festival for any of the aforementioned reasons, you may not demand a refund for the ticket or pass.

    We do not serve alcohol and tobacco to people under the age of 18. Anyone may be asked at the bar to prove their age with a valid, official document.

    Smoking is only permitted at the designated smoking areas — yes, even up here in the hills and mountains.

    It is forbidden to be engaged in commercial, catering or advertising activities at the festival without the specific written consent of the organizers. Similarly, demonstrations and group activities may only be carried out with the consent of the organizers. The organizers can cease any activities on the area of the festival and the roads leading up to it on their own authority.

    All visitors must obey the instructions of the organizers and their partners, the police, firefighters and employees of the Disaster Management Directorate.

    Camping is only allowed in the designated campsite, otherwise it is strictly forbidden and dangerous.

    If you’re a decent fella, please do us a favor and do not leave the area of Kolorádó. We can only assume legal responsibility for your safe entertainment within the designated festival area. If you cross the fence that marks the edge of the festival, you automatically accept that you’re in a dangerous environment where the organizers cannot guarantee your safety or find you if you happen to get sick or pass out. Visitors who break this rule, especially if it happens during the night, may be removed from the event with their armbands seized.

    Please take special care of the environment and do not litter. The festival is held at a beautiful nature reserve, so please always put your trash, cigarette butts and leftover food in the designated trash cans, and remind your friends to do the same. Protect the trees, bushes and flowers as if they were your best friends!

    Mind the physical wellbeing of other visitors, and report medical problems immediately to the paramedics who are available 24 hours a day on site. You can find their exact location on the map.


    DO NOT BRING, AS IT IS FORBIDDEN: alcohol or drugs, no matter what. Also, commercial quantities of food and drink and glassware larger than 100 millilitres. All such items must be handed over for safekeeping at the entrance. No large quantities of prescription or other medications, please only bring the dosage needed for your stay at the festival. In the case of prescription medication, be sure to have a doctor’s note with you. It is also forbidden to bring objects dangerous to public safety, flammable materials and pyrotechnics.

    Some examples: camping gas, hookah, perfume or glass bottles or any glass containers larger than 100 ml, small knives, large knives, camping knives, metal cutlery, etc. These will not be allowed into the festival, but you can put them in the deposit box at the entrance for a fee. It is important that you get your stuff out of the deposit box before the festival closes (08:00 on Sunday morning), as we will not be able to take responsibility for it after that time. If you are not sure about something, ask instead.

    DO BRING, AS IT IS USEFUL: flashlights, head lamps, warm clothing, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sleeping bags, duvets, pillows, balls, frisbees, sunglasses, wooden/plastic cutlery. These will never be confiscated, and it’s quite useful to have them.

    You may bring your pet unless they threaten the physical wellbeing and carefree recreation of others. However, we recommend that you leave it at home, as the music is loud and the forest is huge. If you have a dog, please keep in mind the conditions for bringing it in: you must have a valid vaccination card that proves your dog was vaccinated against rabies no longer than a year ago, a unique identifier (tattoo or microchip), a leash, a collar, a muzzle and a dog tag with the phone number of the owner (must be the number of the phone you have with you).


    Professional cameras are not allowed on site, please remember this.

    You may only capture sound or picture for personal use in Kolorádó. You may not sell or use these quid pro quo, and you may not even use them for free for commercial uses. You may not name the participants in the recordings or pictures without their consent, and you may not capture media that infringe visitors’ personal rights. The organizers do not take responsibility for visitors breaking the aforementioned rules.

    Kolorádó and its partner companies may publish images and sound recordings of the Festival and its partner companies on online-offline channels, in the media, on posters, and the people in the images and sound recordings may not make any claims against the Festival and its partner companies, provided that you participate in the event and you agree that your face and your statements may be recorded. For security reasons, the entire area of the festival and its surroundings is equipped with cameras, which can also record images at night.

    Visitors might experience extreme audio and visual effects at the event. If you’re sensitive to these, take extra care around the stages.


    We would not like to change the program schedule; however, we maintain the right to do so. You may not ask for a refund of the ticket or pass because of a change in the program; all sales are final. The organizers do not take responsibility for program changes where the performers are at fault or are injured.

    The event will be held even if weather conditions are not favorable. However, there might be certain cases of force majeure, where authorities can prohibit certain services or programs in order to avoid personal injuries and damages. We do not claim responsibility for changes of this nature.

    The organizers are only responsible for intentional breaches of contract, as well as ones where the physical wellbeing, health and lives of people are in danger. We explicitly refuse responsibility for any other kinds of damage done, as long as this does not infringe the legal rights of the visitors. Our ticket prices have been determined in accordance with these notices.

    If you have any remarks, complaints or ideas regarding catering, the organizers or anything else, please contact the staff members of the info point. Thank you! And if you have questions before the festival, send us a message on Facebook or via email.