Good to know

Kolorádó is a unique place to be. Everything that happens here is awesome. Be nice and don’t ruin that. If you contribute and feel at home, we’ll all be happy together. And protect Mother Nature’s gifts to the best of your ability.

No signal festival

Before you come to Kolorádó, you should download or print your festival pass, because there is NO SIGNAL here. At least we have absolute freedom.


We would like to ask you not to throw away cigarette butts or any other garbage during the festival. And also before and after the festival. Scouts and our volunteers help us keep nature clean, respect their work. Please use the csikktartó and the garbage bag that we give you at the entrance. There are many.


No cash payments inside the festival area. You can only pay by contactless debit card or Festipay card. 

Bring warm clothes!

We are far from the city, in nature so pack more layers! In our experience, Kolorádó is 5 to 10 degrees colder at night than in downtown Budapest. Plus, the weather is variable so be prepared with waterproof clothing too!


Kolorádó is a friendly, peaceful place where everybody can feel safe. If any kind of problem happens to come your way, or you just feel bad about something, get in touch with us! In the forest we lack proper mobile signal, so the simplest way is to do this personally. You will always find someone at the central, reception-like Info Point to help you out. Either personally or contacting the right person to take care of you.

You can come to us with basically any problem:

The sooner you turn to us, the quicker we’ll help you so you can keep on enjoying Kolorádó. Trust us!

We reserve the right to change the program.