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  • Getting to Kolorádó

    The festival is held in Pál Sztrilich Scout Park in Adyliget, near Nagykovácsi, in the Buda Hills, in a hilly environment covered by trees. According to information from BKK, this year there are several renovation works on the road leading to Kolorádó between Széll Kálmán tér and Hűvösvölgy (tram replacement, road reconstruction), so you should expect longer travel times. There are several ways to get to the festival: you can take the festival bus, go by GreenGo, public transport, bike, taxi, car or just walk. 


    Kolorádó Buses leave from the bus stop on Bátori László Street, 150 metres from the Hűvösvölgy bus station. The easiest way to get there is to take the 56A or the 61 tram (or their tram substitutes), or the 63 day bus or the 956 or 963 night bus. You can buy a ticket for the Kolorádó Bus at the ticket office in the middle of the bus turnaround in Hűvösvölgy. Don’t forget to buy your bus ticket or bus pass there, because you won’t be able to buy a ticket at the pick-up point, which is 150 metres away, and you won’t be able to buy a ticket from the bus driver. This bus will take you all the way to the festival entrance. The bus fare for the section between Hűvösvölgy and the festival entrance is 2000 HUF(but you can also buy a bus pass for the whole festival for 6500 HUF for unlimited return travel). 

    If you want to get to the Kolorádó Parking lot by another way of transport, you can take the Kolorádó Shuttle from there, which goes between the parking lot and the festival entrance. The shuttle bus ticket costs 1000 HUF for the journey between the car park and the festival entrance.

    Both the Kolorádó Bus and the Shuttle will run continuously from 0-24 throughout the festival. In peak hours, you can catch them every 10-15 minutes, and every 20-25 minutes in off-peak hours. Please, be patient, because when it’s extremely busy, not everyone can get on the bus at the same time, so longer waiting times can occur. This year we are planning to increase the number of buses, we will keep an eye on the traffic and try to adapt to the needs, but for the most comfortable trip, we strongly recommend arriving early.

    Getting home by Kolorádó bus: The last Kolorádó bus to Hűvösvölgy will leave the festival at 11am on Sunday, so arrive at the bus stop no later than 10:00 if you choose this option.


    GPS coordinates: 47.541438, 18.934909
    By car or other motorized vehicles, you have to stop at the Kolorádó Parking lot and we cannot let you further.  From there you will be able to get to the festival entrance on foot or by the aforementioned shuttle bus. Parking costs 2500 HUF per vehicle, per entry. The shuttle bus fare for the route between the car park and the festival entrance is 1000 Ft.


    The greenest four-wheel option to get to Kolorádó is the GreenGo car-sharing service. If you don’t have it, download the GreenGo app, register and start driving electric cars to Kolorádó. There’s a dedicated GreenGo car park waiting for you to pick up or lock down an electric car. Also, if you come with a GreenGo, we’ll pay for the shuttle ticket to the festival entrance for you (and everyone else in your car).


    This year’s partner is Főtaxi and their partner companies. If you want the most comfortable journey from your door to the festival entrance, we got you covered.

    Getting to Kolorádó by Főtaxi: call a Főtaxi, preferably via their app. This way you can get to the festival with the fixed Budapest taxi fares.

    Getting home from Kolorádó with Főtaxi’s partners: Főtaxi’s taxi queue will be waiting for you in the bus and taxi parking lot at the entrance. You can get home from Kolorádó by Főtaxi every day between 21:00 and 09:00. At this point you will not be able to call a car with an app or by phone, but taxis will be waiting in a queue and an on-site coordinator will help you get home. 

    Főtaxi’s partners have the following rates. 

    Kolorádó – Széll Kálmán Square 11900 HUF, 

    Kolorádó – Nyugati Pályaudvar 12900 HUF

    Kolorádó – Móricz Zsigmond körtér 13900 HUF

    Of course you can choose any destination you like, we just gave you some popular examples so you have an idea of the prices. The maximum fares are calculated door-to-door. They are valid in case of an uninterrupted ride, or one that is not later modified by the passenger.

    You will not be able to get to the entrance with a car from another provider. If you arrive by another taxi, you can take the taxi to the parking lot, from there the Shuttle Bus or hiking the Nature Trail may be your option to the entrance.

    We would like your taxi ride to Kolorádó as transparent and predictable as possible. Our partners strive for perfection, but if you encounter any unpleasant events during your journey or payment, please report it to us immediately at, preferably with the exact route, time and license plate number and be sure to ask the driver for the receipt so that we can investigate the matter as soon as possible.


    By public transport, the easiest way is to take tram 56A or 61 (or the buses that replace them) to Hűvösvölgy, and continue by bus 63 to Adyliget stop (night versions: bus 956 or 963). From there it’s about a quarter of an hour walk to the car park, where you can take the shuttle bus or continue on foot along the Nature Trail, and reach the entrance to the festival in about 25 minutes.


    For the first time this year, you can make your arrival even more exciting by taking a specially designed alternative route, the Kolorádó Nature Trail. Take a pleasant walk and breath the nature in.  What can you expect? A green trail, a short hike, extra info, a stamp collection for a Kolorádó patch and craft beer, and even a chance to win a Kolorádó pass for next year! 

    The Kolorádó Nature Trail project is being implemented in partnership with the Republic Group.


    From Széll Kálmán Square, it’s 12 km max. Of course, keep in mind that this is through the Buda hills, so you’ll feel the burn and the inclines. You can take your bike all the way to the festival, where you can leave it at the bike storage in the parking lot until you need it again. However, you have until 8am on Sunday morning to remove it so our staff can start packing away.

    Fair winds and a safe journey to all of you. Be kind and patient to each other. See you in Kolorádó!