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    Instead of tent-matured cheese and sun-dried bread, eat delicious cooked food and creative comfort snacks without leaving the festival area.

    In the mornings, the smell of coffee from Koffi tempts you to get out out of the tent and straight to the daytime beyond music programs.

    For a healthy energy boost, look out for Nyári Konyha Bisztró, where vegan and vegetarian dishes await. Pizza Bt prepares your pizza right on the spot and New York Hot Dogs help make up for the calories you’ve burnt dancing.

    There are also a variety of grill dishes – vegan, meat and fusion versions. You can also eat burgers, pancakes, and lángos, of course. For a quick and cool blood sugar fix, ice cream, fish and chips for the traditional ones, and if you’re not too hungry but could eat a little, chips.

    Nyári Konyha Bisztró

    For after waking up:
    French toast with fresh vegetables and garlic yoghurt (vegan/vegan option)
    Scrambled eggs with toasted flatbread, fresh vegetables
    Fresh yoghurt with bacon crumbles and fresh lemon
    Porridge with peanut butter, seeds and fruit

    For snacking:
    Hummus with fresh flatbread and duqqa, shakshuka , grilled vegetables or Israeli salad.
    Kolo sali (fresh sali, ubi, pari, spring onion, capers, carrots, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, petrus, yoghurt/tahini (vegan) dressing)
    Daily vegetable/fruit soup
    Jacket potato with köfte or sheep’s cheese
    French fries

    To combat major hunger attacks:
    Shakshuka with fresh flatbread , hummus , egg or extra grilled sausage
    Strawberry pancakes with tofu cream, sheep’s curd, stew or pumpkin seed beetroot puree
    Kolo Spaghetti (sweet potato curry, mushrooms cooked in soy, peanuts)


    Meals on the grill: hamburgers, pljeskavica, shawarma, steak, grilled chicken, köfte, cevap


    Daily vegan and meat main courses
    Daily soups
    Daily dinner

    For breakfast:
    Scrambled eggs
    French toast


    The vegan sandwich trailer was not primarily created for festival catering, but as a social enterprise to reduce food waste. Domovoj is more of a “witch kitchen” where we try to channel gastronomic creativity to the level of the producers, using marketable new wave processing methods. With the aim of saving the surplus food that is left over. The food truck provides us with the financial resources for costly recipe development, as well as a meeting point with prospective customers of our partners, who can then comment on the flavors we develop.


    red lentil cream with lyophilised smoked red cabbage crunch
    millet with roasted turmeric pesto
    coconut mint green pea cream with a sprinkling of umami crumbs (tomato and celery, homemade)
    vegan snack board (coconut oil with your own seasoning and some softer seasonal onions )


    Cinnamon, cocoa, nutella, vanilla, chocolate, jam, nutella-banana, strawberry-vanilla, chocolate-vanilla, peach-cranberry-nut


    sour cream
    cheese and cream
    vegan cheese
    vegan with sour cream
    vegan cheese and cream