Wake up or arrive, breakfast or dinner, vegan or meat? At Kolorádó, we’ve got all your dietary needs and preferences covered, so you can enjoy your programmes with a full belly and a good mood.

East Block Burger

East Block Burger will transport you to a real American dream: real Texas burgers, real smoker’s feel, the coolest Airstream rolling into Kolorádó to keep the place smoking all day long.

Fragola Ice Cream

Sunshine, heat, summer = ice cream fun. This year, the quality, unique flavours and high fruit content of the ice creams are brought to the Kolorádó festival by the Fragola Workshop.

Health Drink Station by Grünn

Grünn is experimenting with different fermenting, pickling, drying and recycling techniques in addition to organic farming. Their aim is to pass on the knowledge they have gained along the way in the form of events, open days, workshops, dinners and delicious recipes for all to enjoy. This year’s festival they’ll bring super drinks to keep the vitamins flowing in our bodies.

Hintaló kitchen

The Grill is on! Central and South American BBQ. Delicious, colourful and fresh! If you don’t know what to do during the festival, feel free to bring them cold beer because the Grill is hot.


Every morning (afternoon) is hard to get started, especially if you miss coffee. If you’re down or looking for a buzz, seek out their finest roasted coffee. If you’re skipping the detox, grab a pastry, wash it down with fresh orange juice and hit the dance floor right away.


Close to the campsite, in the other corner of Kolorádó, there is the one-dish vegan world kitchen of Koloroli. It’s mainly residents and workers who eat here, but Koloroli is open to everyone. A varied daily menu, flavours and aromas.

Nyári kitchen

You’ll never go hungry, especially if you’re looking for something tasty and healthy for breakfast or a hearty lunch, but you won’t have to give up your principles in the evening either: ecogranny has all vegan-vegetarian-vegetarian people in mind.

New York Hot Dog

For 15 years, New York Hot Dog has been taking its quick treats nationwide with unbroken success. They love challenging tasks, festivals, night parties, adventure tours, sporting events and hot dogs.


Good morning festival residents! If you had a lot of beer and partying last night, come join us to recharge! We’re coming to Kolorádó with new wave coffee, breakfast with lots of eggs, sandwiches and pastries. And in the evening, you can continue drinking at our place.

Pizza Bété

A real outdoor pizza experience in the forest, you can even see the dough being kneaded and baked in the oven. Great atmosphere, great people, great stories, and buena Pizza Napoletana.