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    Csakcsűr Event
    Kolorádó won’t happen this year. Regardless, the sun rises the same way in the morning and goes down over the Cserkészpark in the evening. That is why we could not rest. We have come to the conclusion that we definitely like to meet you at least a little this year. On Friday and Saturday, from afternoon till dawn, we will take back our Csűr with the same elements of Kolorádó: nature, chill, art, music, party and community. We will dance less in number than usual, but maybe even more energetic.
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    Kolorádó is a beautiful, green but most importantly a free-spirited festival. It is what we’re looking for in a place like this. Care and quality over flashiness. Shared experiences with new and old friends. Freedom - not fenced off VIP areas. You’ll find Kolorádó where Budapest gives way to nature. Nestled in the forests of the Buda hills, where everything is somewhat different: here, everything just falls into place.


    You’ll find Kolorádó on the outskirts of Budapest, just where the suburbs meet the forests of the Buda hills. You can come with our special festival buses, public transport, bike, taxi, car or even walking. Details coming soon!

    If you really need the exact address, it’s Nagykovácsi, Juliannamajor hrsz. 0139/2, 2094

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