A return to our roots. The project facilitates the experience of our Self on an ancient, primitive level and thus also the experience of other states of consciousness, just as the Shaman in the life of native people. It encourages you to break free from the old, the familiar, into something where the boundaries are blurred: you can be yourself!


The class led by Sziszi Yoga is based on intuition, yet the framework is a millennia-old system of knowledge that is yoga. This is underpinned by the music of Vatsanah, who since 2014 has been heard playing at most venues in Budapest at night and at major festivals in Hungary. In recent years, alongside club music, a parallel musical sub-genre has been slowly gaining momentum, which is more oriented towards broken beats, ambient and world music, and we will get a taste of this. And as a curious listener of electronic music, Sziszi loved the fact that these sounds, like the practice of yoga, induce a change of state of consciousness. The repetitive beats, like mantras, go deep and bring out something ancient in the human being. That part of us when we felt at one with the community, with nature and with ourselves.


Program supported by Sziszi Yoga.


“Once we are born, let’s use it and vibe at the highest possible level! Love ourselves, love others, love to live!” Said Sziszi, aka Szilvia Bagdal, to whom we owe a large part of Oasis healing’s programmes. She herself is mainly connected to yoga, but everything she organized is close to her heart. Our common goal is to recharge you physically, mentally and spiritually, to experience different states of consciousness and to get out of what we call reality.