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    Bambus loves yoga project covers creative yoga, pilates and yogalates events in Gibraltar and Andalusia ,Spain. The instructor in the project is a Hungarian immigrant, called Cecilia who left her motherland 19 years ago and has stuck in abroad possibly for good. The business name, Bambus loves yoga has been inspired by a super charming rescue dog being with Cecilia since 2017. She witnessed  every aspects of the yoga and pilates path of the instructor. Bambus loves yoga project would like to introduce YOGALATES to Kolorádó Festival. Yogalates is a holistic workout that merges yoga asanas and pilates exercises for overall physical strength and mental wellbeing. The  60 minutes fusion class improves balance, strength, and flexibility through ideas from both disciplines (yoga+pilates). The low-impact exercise routine combines fluid movement flow from yoga with core-strengthening and mobility exercises from Pilates. Yogalates promotes mindfulness through a mind-body connection by focusing on breathing techniques, relaxation of the nerve system, and  moving meditation.