Wake up

In the card game’s storyline, the players dream of living in a 21st century Eastern European dictatorship, where everyday life spins before them in an over-saturated, sometimes sweet, sometimes nightmarish, way. The goal is to wake someone up. András Kocsis, one of the organisers of the festival, made the Wake Up Card, his idea was to present social phenomena in a playful way, without making the result awkward or cringe. The game is like the Uno game, you can place cards in rounds, colour by colour, sign by sign. Each card has some sort of action to perform when someone lays it down. New compared to Uno is that there are character cards that affect the players’ game experience in a positive or negative way. For example, the politician character card can be used to place any card, while the allergy card can only be used to place one card. With the chain-smoking card, you have to beg a card from someone at the beginning of each round, and with the nihilist card, you can’t speak. There’s a lot of linking between players, there’s always someone playing with cards face up, and lots of other little touches have been added to make the game exciting.