Active O2 Volleyrádó

The Kolorádó sand field and its surroundings will be used in the usual way: for sports and recreation. Volleyball is one of the most entertaining sports: it can be played by anyone, boys and girls together, in any number of groups, regardless of ability or condition, so it’s perfect as a social exercise opportunity. Volleyrádó (Röpirádó) has two important parts: the pitch itself and a shaded bleacher area where you can cheer on the game in progress.


The bleacher even comes with a state-of-the-art scoreboard, making answering all those ‘what’s the score’ questions in friendly matches suddenly a snap. But the good stuff doesn’t stop there! A multi-match tournament will be organized between visitors – because bigger the stakes – bigger the excitement. Who will be the Kolorádó Volleyball Champion? But that’s not enough gang warfare! Bands playing against each other, star matches, eternal rivalries. It’s going to be tough on the Volleyrádó court.