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    The InDaHouse Hungary Association provides long-term, interlocking, out-of-school educational and developmental programmes for children from birth to adulthood, living in four small villages and one segregated area in the Borsod region of Encs, with the involvement of volunteers from the majority of society, who are from a cumulatively disadvantaged background and mostly of Roma origin. In InDaHouse’s classrooms we organise a monthly Learning Facilitation Programme (LFP), during which we organise stationary games around a theme (e.g. the four seasons), focusing on four competence areas (mother tongue, fine motor skills, large movement, logic). In this way, children develop their skills through play, while at the same time increasing their subject knowledge. In our workshop, we were able to use a cooperative methodology to create such a CPT with them, so that together we can experience what experiential education looks like in practice.