Tilos az Á

Before the concerts, try out the Forbidden to A workshops! Take part in literacy therapy and play creative language party games! If you attend both workshops, you’ll also get an extra cool canvas bag and a surprise contemporary novel as a souvenir!

30 July (Thursday) 13.00-15.00 Literary therapy is a method of deepening self-awareness through reading and discussing literary works. In this session we will talk about a poem and ourselves through the poem, led by Dóra Péczely. Participation in the sessions does not require any in-depth literary knowledge, only you, but you very much!

1 July (Friday) 13.00-15.00 During the creative language workshop, you’ll get to try out three unforgettable and revolutionary idea-based companions. In Absolutely Frenzied Letters, you’ll be word-carving while playing tactics; in Absolutely Forgotten Words, you’ll have to convince others of the etymology of old Hungarian words; and in Absolutely Impossible Stories, you’ll have to create a story together as a team while competing individual ideas against each other. Try the funniest and most creative language party games!