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  • TASZ, Amigos, Háttér Társaság

    • TASZ – You are free by right: A playful discussion on social issues. About TASZ: They do everything they can to help brave citizens who stand up for a more equal and free country. Equal. Brave. Free. They work for such a country.
    • Amigos Alapítvány – Helping with Friendship: as university volunteers, they visit children in hospital, helping them with games and language learning. Their main companion is friendship: they try to give back to sick children the connections they miss most in hospital. As a team, they know each other well and believe that friendship can work wonders!
    • Háttér Társaság – LGBTQ quizzes and board games: Their aim is to raise awareness of the problems of LGBTQI people among the professional and political public and the wider society; to operate services to help them; to learn about the social situation and needs of LGBTQI people. LGBTQ quizzes and board games will be brought to the festival.