Tai chi

In case you don’t know, tai chi is a Chinese martial art form with a deep philosophical background and roots in Taoism and natural elements. Its main symbol is the Yin-Yang which represents the two opposing forces which the whole system is based on. It is a kind of moving meditation. Zsuzsa Jutasi, the instructor, a lover of this sport for 20 years, has been teaching it for 17 years, and she’s also an international and European champion.


Program supported by Sziszi Yoga. 



“Once we are born, let’s use it and vibe at the highest possible level! Love ourselves, love others, love to live!” Said Sziszi, aka Szilvia Bagdal, to whom we owe a large part of Oasis healing’s programmes. She herself is mainly connected to yoga, but everything she organized is close to her heart. Our common goal is to recharge you physically, mentally and spiritually, to experience different states of consciousness and to get out of what we call reality.