Orgazmic life

This is not a simple sex-ed. Barbara Oláh’s lecture on female sexuality with extra yoni-yoga. Barbara is on a mission to show people what it is like to live life orgasmically. Nakedness is in fact our most natural state, as Barbara believes, and she tries to reach as many women as possible, and share with them that the primordial power lies in how we connect with our yoni.


Program supported by Sziszi Yoga.


“Once we are born, let’s use it and vibe at the highest possible level! Love ourselves, love others, love to live!” Said Sziszi, aka Szilvia Bagdal, to whom we owe a large part of Oasis healing’s programmes. She herself is mainly connected to yoga, but everything she organized is close to her heart. Our common goal is to recharge you physically, mentally and spiritually, to experience different states of consciousness and to get out of what we call reality.