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  • NANE, Bagázs, Élő könyvtár az Emberi Jogokért

    • NANE – On gender equality and sexuality culture: critical thinking is a pillar of our social responsibility. And education is important even when most people think they know everything about a subject. It’s easy to cling to images in our heads, whether it’s the concept of equal relationships or the world of pornography, most of us are quick to express our opinions without thinking carefully about the underlying structures and the reality of the situation. What is an equal relationship and sex like? What constitutes relationship violence, sexual harassment? What is wrong with porn culture? The festival will give visitors a taste of the interactive exercises of NANE’s Together for Equality programme and Patent’s Sex Education session.
    • Bagázs – Get involved: You’re queuing for your favourite artist’s concert and there’s a gypsy couple in front of you. The security guard refuses to let them in, claiming that “it’s not your party”. What do you do? Do you intervene? Do you pretend you didn’t hear? Come to the Bagász workshop, learn about prejudice and what you can do in such a situation!
    • Élő Könyvtár az Emberi Jogokért: Confront your prejudices in a “library” where books are humans! Turn the pages and find out! Is there something you never dared to ask? You can do it here! Volunteers for “Living Books” are people who represent a social group with a specific characteristic and are happy to share their story with you. They include people with disabilities, people from ethnic or religious minorities, LGBTQ people, people recovering from addiction. In one-to-one conversations, you’ll learn about their experiences, how to build bridges instead of walls, and how to take a stand against discrimination and for human rights. It starts with us, with you! Come and talk!