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  • It’s a MATCH – or will be – maybe –

    It’s a MATCH – or will be – maybe. Am I alone or lonely? Do I want to be? Do I want to find a partner? Can I find a partner? Is there such a thing as a partner? Why am I browsing Tinder? Can I stop? Do I want to stop? The experimental event openly communicates the ambivalent relationship between loneliness and relationship dependency in the context of online dating. The viewer participates by seeing/hearing/feeling the personal experiences of addicts and the dating experiences of the actors, and experiences of how strangeness turns into closeness, isolation into a communal experience. The event is the second (blind) date with the audience of the Stafeta-winning production MATCH.


    • Directed by: Tózsa Mikolt Emese 
    • Actors: Dezső Georgita Máté, Rebeka Kozma Zsófia, Attila Lestyán, Noémi Noya Szántusz
    • Acting: András Szombathy 
    • Music by: Zoltán Mózes
    • Mentored by: László Hudi


    The production was realized in the framework of the Staféta programme of the Budapest Municipality.