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  • Helsinki, Autonómia, InDaHouse

    • Helsinki – Human rights time travel: what would the human rights timeline look like? Play a game to find out which human rights stories in world history were the most interesting and guess which one came first!
    • Autonómia – Class picture or bullying. By unravelling the story of a fictional but very real class, you will not only find out who stole a certain object, but also learn more about the multifaceted phenomenon of bullying, to which you, as victim, perpetrator or witness, will certainly be connected.
    • InDaHouse – ABC of TPK: InDaHouse’s classrooms organise a monthly Learning Facilitation Programme (TPK in Hungary), which focuses on four areas of competence (mother tongue, fine motor skills, large movements, logic) and organises games around a theme (e.g. the four seasons). In this way, children develop their skills through play, while at the same time increasing their subject knowledge. In the workshop, you can create such a TPK using a cooperative methodology, so that together we can experience experiential pedagogy in practice.