Have you noticed that there are more and more policemen on the streets and you can find soldiers on almost every corner? 

Fegyveres Péter (Armed Peter) is a card game that unravels the thread of increased militarisation and introduces festival-goers to the rights and opportunities that they have in this world of constant alert and tension. In addition to the best-known armed law enforcement organizations (e.g. police, public order police), there are many lesser-known ones in Hungary (e.g. fish guards, mountain guards). Arm yourself with knowledge, learn about your rights.

The game was created by Helsinki to introduce us to the different armed organizations in an entertaining way, to show us how they can take action against us and to familiarise the youngsters with the most important institutions of legal protection.

The game can be played by 2-8 people. The aim is to get the most points, but beware! You can also rob from each other.