Fankapanka embroidery workshop

It is absolutely a form of RETRAIT, as it helps you to get out of the chaos of the constant flow of thoughts. I would like to pass on this knowledge to as many people as possible and promote the practice of mindful embroidery. The SOCCINCTY is a feature of the whole fankapanka community, as workshops have been held with a very diverse range of participants from 14 year old girls to 55 year old mums. CONSERVATION OF NATURE is also a core value of fankapanka, which is why we embroider on CLIMATE NEUTRAL – GOTS organic cotton and only pack in recycled paper. However, we are now taking it to the next level with the Kolorádó workshop, and each participant can practice mindful embroidery on the used clothes they have, so we are not introducing new products into the cycle, thus embracing nature. FREEDOM is the key, and each participant can tailor their own practice as they wish, and ideas thrown into the community are then reimagined and incorporated into the next session. At the fankapanka everything is free, especially NOT TO KNOW, you don’t need to know how to embroider and meditate, it’s a real safe space for learning and asking questions.