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  • Csönd

    The company’s performance Csönd (silence) was made in early 2020, during the pandemic. The choreography captures the altered states of existence in the wake of the pandemic. “The world is doing a strange dance of death. A plague has swept across the planet. Countries have closed in. The streets and cities are empty. Our existence has changed. The plague has swept away our former lives, disrupted our social relationships, eroded our former sense of security. We became a little more lost, a little more lonely, a little more experienced. Death danced sometimes furiously, sometimes more quietly. And for a moment, humanity went quiet. For a moment. Danse macabre. But is the world really doing the dance of death now? Is not our death dance the existence and destruction we live in and leave around us with our existence? Danse macabre – then SILENCE. Then we continue the dance of death. In the same way.” Those who dance:

    • Ádám Bot, Anna Bujdosó, András Engelmann, Fruzsina Kaiser, Zsófia Temesvári
    • Light design by Máté Vajda
    • Music by Attila Gergely
    • Choreography by Klári Pataky
    • Supported by KIM, NKA, National Dance Theatre, Műhely Foundation
    • Duration: 50 minutes