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  • Cryptic Bodies – Offsprings

    CB Offspring is a new creation based on the research that went into the creation of Cryptic Bodies. Partly a site-specific adaptation, partly a dance performance experimenting with a new type of participatory performance using entirely new materials and touch-based techniques. Its basic aim is to redefine the classical theatre relationship between spectator and performer, bringing the spectator closer to the performer, and to shake up and empower this relationship with the tools of corporeality and viscerality. To this end, it transposes the format of community rituals and rock concerts into the context of a free genre performing arts event. The Kolorádó Festival provides an excellent opportunity to explore the boundaries of interactivity and participatory performance – our aim is to create a sensitive line, drawn from the viewer’s perspective, between the possibility of comfortable and uncomfortable interaction with performers, with a particular attention to respecting the viewer. It is an attempt to liberate the spectator’s gaze and body.