Repeta x Munch – community breakfast

The world would be a much better place if we never stopped eating breakfast. The festival itself is a special place, a metaphorical game, a magic circle that takes you out of time. Now in its fifth year, Community Breakfast in Kolorádó provides a revival after a night of partying, with divine coffee, goodies and delicious Munch. We have everything you need after a night of partying. Bring some nice people and something tasty, give and take from the communal table, join the breakfast tribe and find your place with us!

Munch is an online platform through which caterers and shops sell their unsold, but good quality food at a discount. Repeta is an association that brings together Community Breakfast and other green projects. This year again in Kolorádó, the two teams are joining forces to conjure up a shared island of love that is welcoming, supportive and very relaxed.