The 8 brocades Qigong is a traditional Chinese practice that is about 1000 years old. Our ancestors compared it to the wonderful brocade rolls (jinduan) because of its delicacy, and because it consists of eight exercises, it is called “Ba duan jin” (“Eight pieces of brocade”).


Stretch your meridians, reconcile your yin with your yang, focus and exhale the energies of last night. It develops balance, prevents illness and increases resilience – basically it prepares you to be your own peace and security in Kolorádó and outside the festival. The class will be taught by András Bilibók, who has been working with Taoism and many Eastern philosophies and movement theories for more than a decade.


Program supported by Sziszi Yoga.


“Once we are born, let’s use it and vibe at the highest possible level! Love ourselves, love others, love to live!” Said Sziszi, aka Szilvia Bagdal, to whom we owe a large part of Oasis healing’s programmes. She herself is mainly connected to yoga, but everything she organized is close to her heart. Our common goal is to recharge you physically, mentally and spiritually, to experience different states of consciousness and to get out of what we call reality.