Illusion of Matter (Kozma Johanna)

You blame a lot of things on it, you look for it in others and you notice it. But what is “ego”? And what happens to it / you if it dies? 

The “ego” is a mental construct of the self that we cling to, an internal GPS that shows us our place in the world. The ego categorises, hierarchises, colours the things around us black or white.

To stop it from causing problems, we need to experience the ego death. And to do this, we need to strip away our name, our gender, the narratives that form the backbone of our existence. This is exactly what happens in this performance by Johanna Kozma and Nina Havasi.


Dancers, performers: Nina Havasi, Johanna Kozma 

Choreographer: Johanna Kozma

Music: Áron Irlanda

Duration: about 25-30 minutes