Átmenet (Szász Zsófia és Bitó Katalin)

For me, folk dancing is like being part of a costume movie. I take the dance on my feet and look around in a “way back then”. The difference is that this “then” is my past. It’s like flying into an old family picture I’m not in. Another difference is that when I slip into this picture, I already know my future. So all in all, folk dancing is an abstract encounter between the present and the past. 

-Say the creators, who invite you on a journey of timelessness, to dance in Gyimes-style, and show their experiences as a documentary, if you ask them to.

Creator: Zsófia Szász

Co-creators, dancers, (data providers) and musicians:

Katalin Bitó, Miklós Paizs, Zsófia Szász