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    The use of space, the composition of the ensemble, the alignment and relation to others makes you aware of peculiarities you were not necessarily aware of before. Their improvisational performance is followed by a discussion and some games. During the discussion, they try to find out together what is the essence and magic of improvisation and what it means for the performers and the audience what happens on stage. By playing together, they get the audience moving, so they can try out some improvisation exercises themselves. Last but not least, they give the audience the opportunity to become the director/choreographer for a short etude and give instructions to our dancers, who improvise one more time before the farewell. The session invites participants to proactive dialogue, collective reflection and sharing, not only engaging our audience in conversation, but also guiding them through group games and exercises with the artists into a free and diverse world of improvisation accessible to all.

    • The performance lasts 20 minutes, the discussion and games 45 minutes and the second performance 15 minutes.
    • Recommended age range: 10-99 years.
    • Performers: dance artists and musicians from the Willany Leó
    • Production Manager: Sára PALLAG
    • Artistic Director: Zoltán GRECSÓ
    • Willany Leó staff: Levente LUKÁCS, Emese SZILÁGYI-PALLAG