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  • Community weaving and Green Library

    • About Bolygó: Bolygó is a community space for young people, organisations and movements who want to go green. Bolygó aims to revitalize the cultural and civic life of Budapest, to provide a place, a home and an active community for anyone who is concerned about the climate and ecological crisis and wants to take an active part in solving it. Bolygó is where environment, arts, culture and activism meet community action. A meeting point that can be a place for young people in Budapest to organise themselves. Our doors are open to anyone who wants to be part of a green community.
    • Programme: This is not your usual make something and take it home workshop, but rather a community creation that is fun to do for the fellowship and the conversations and quiet time it creates. At Planet, we believe that climate change alone is the worst of the worst, which we can solve through community action, which is what we want to represent at Colorado. Weaving is optional, so if you just want to sit down with us for the vibe you’re still welcome!