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    This year, we interpret the interest of our festival-goers. After last year’s Kolorádó, many people filled in our questionnaire, where we asked the most enthusiastic ones: what did they enjoy or would have enjoyed apart from partying, what was missing from the daytime program?

    Five categories of programmes emerged, five directions that suggest the openness, courage, sensitivity and willingness to take action of the people who come to Kolorádó. We are waiting for ideas that fit into these five programme categories and five recommended locations.

    Workshops at Napközi

    The Napközi is a real daytime base where awakening festival-goers can revive their creative energies by immersing themselves in a shared creative process. Textile recycling and making music together are the most popular options, but there’s room for all kinds of craft and gadgetry activities at the Napközi!

    Community building at the Mező

    Last year’s Volleyball Championship left many sweating, and the heat didn’t discourage those gathered at the Sports Field to test their skills. Competitive or co-operative, it was all about being able to cheer for each other loudly. There’s still plenty of room for ball games and skill games on the Sports Field and the giant Meadow, but expect summer heat! 

    Recreation at the Oázis

    After a night of dancing and noise, it’s no coincidence that the tranquility of the Oasis with its relaxing activities are one of the most loved spots in Kolorádó during the day. We are looking forward to more healing opportunities in the quiet clearing between the trees and tents of the Oasis.

    Education on the Csodaszarvas stage

    After a long night of party, the Csodasazrvas stage transforms into a calm, comfy place perfectly suited for contemplation and discussion, for shaping the festival-goers’ mindset, during the day. Talking in front of the audience or with the audience, anything can come.

    Performances on the go

    Best when the audience is not expecting it, stumbles into it but can’t move on until the end of the performance. It’s best when it doesn’t have to be quiet, doesn’t have to have dozens of lights and sound sources on, doesn’t have to be dark and doesn’t have to be bright, it’s best when the performance blends in while making a splash. We’ll figure out where together, the playground of the festival is big enough.

    The call is primarily for non-musical programmes, but music can be part of it, just not in the form of a performance.

    Think before you apply: 

    The deadline for applications is 1 May.

    Your application must include:

    Please send your application materials and any questions to and the subject of your e-mail should be PROGRAMME APPLICATION.