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  • Call for artists and programs

    Kolorádó is more than a music festival. We want Kolorádó to function as a great creative hub where we can inspire each other. This is why we want to embrace as many artists and programs as possible to help us carry out this vision. Do you have a good concept? Want to create, dance, perform, do a workshop, or build an installation? Send us your concept! But first, scroll down.


    In 2020 we’ll go on vacation to Kolorádó for the fifth time. In a forest on the outer limits of Budapest, several stages emerge with special energies, fresh international artists, thoughtfully selected Hungarian bands and DJs, and techno in the barn. And to make sure there is life beyond the music, we are also organising art and cultural happenings, sports, delicious food stands, and great creative work from the freshest local talent. 

    We are passionate about bringing together contemporary, young artists and creators outside the city and their comfort zones to inspire novel interactions and fresh, mind-expanding ideas and concepts. And that’s where you come in. Check out our Call for Artists below, and get in touch for the chance to have your work shown (and possibly funded!) at Kolorádó. 


    Shifting rhythms

    Time has accelerated, the world is in a rush and we are too, running behind. What would happen if we stopped for a moment? Let’s try to be present in the present. Leave our attention to travel free and to fall into a parallel time.

    We want the concept you send us to



    Estimated budget: 150.000 HUF

    You’ll also get two festival passes

    (There will be only one winner in this category)

    Estimated budget: 30.000 HUF

    You’ll also get two festival passes

    (There will be 5 winners in this category)

    Estimated budget: 0 HUF

    You’ll get one festival pass / project

    (No limit. We will select all the projects we believe are interesting and relevant to the festival!) 


    Freedom, no limits, long live the experimentation!