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  • Call for artists

    There is nothing we are wishing for more than to reunite this summer in the middle of the forest, to leave the online world behind and finally hug each other in the unbroken embrace of nature. Through our art programs, we strive for cultural community building, and our community welcomes its new members with open arms.
    Let’s start our collective balancing!

    You can apply to our call in the categories of fine arts (installation, land art, media art or any other forms of fine arts), performing arts (contemporary dance, theatre, performance), workshops and education.

    We would like to create a creative space where we are equally free, but still responsible for our acts. We dare to influence others and show them the know-how, but we dare to not know and ask why.


    Balancing Act

    To dance along the rope from hopelessness to collective hope, we must have the skills of a professional balancing actor and we need to know the forces that affect us. We are pulled to one side by our self-interests, freedom and the comfort of not-knowing and pulled to the other side by the interests of the community, responsibility and the security of knowing.

    The way ,just like a balancing act, is filled with fallings out of balance and recoveries.

    Kolorádó is a possibility to get to know the forces that affect us and start the collective balancing.

    The incoming project must:


    Estimated budget: 100.000 HUF

    You’ll also get two festival passes

    (There will be only one winner in this category)

    Estimated budget: 30.000 HUF

    You’ll also get two festival passes

    (There will be 5 winners in this category)

    Estimated budget: 0 HUF

    You’ll get one festival pass / project

    (No limit. We will select all the projects we believe are interesting and relevant to the festival!) 


    Due to the Covid19 situation you can only apply with projects, which can be executed on both of the planned dates of the festival
    -23-27th of June
    -11-15th of August

    Unfortunately, taking this exceptional criteria into account is very important this year in order to keep the organizational work in possible limits. Thank you for your understanding!