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  • Kolorádó won’t take place in 2020

    Dear festival people!

    Unfortunately, after today’s announcement by the Hungarian government, we have to call off this year’s Kolorádó.

    After a year of organizing, with two date changes behind us, we feel like we’ve done everything we could. We had a saying in our team: try as long as we can. That’s what we did, and we think it was something worth fighting for till the end. Things will not be easy, as this decision will make things difficult for the whole industry. But the worst thing is that you can’t come to Kolorádó this year. When we envisioned the festival earlier this year, we thought about giving you something bigger, a different and new experience. Thank you very much for the trust and support we have received from you during these hard times.

    You can only imagine the financial losses we are suffering right now, not to mention the extra risks we took by changing the official festival date two times trying to save Kolorádó. It didn’t work out unfortunately, but it would feel even worse if we didn’t even try. We actually need your support to cover our costs this year and to be able to organize Kolorádó better next year. This time, the support depends mostly on your decision of what to do with the festival passes you have already purchased. Next week we’ll give more details on how to support us, change your ticket for next year’s festival or reclaim the full price. We hope by then we will know if we can have a party in the Csűr at least, if not a real Kolorádó.

    It is very good to feel that you are with us. Take care of yourself, see you soon!

    Thank You!

    The people who organize Kolorádó: Tollner Máté, Gunther Dóra, Gyenge Laura, Kocsis András, Sipos Márta, Vereczkey Ákos, Turzai Ákos, Molnár András, Jezerszky Viktória, Gyarmati Zea, Szeri Viktor, Somlyay Orsolya, Pusztai Lola, Kovácsovics Dávid, Kustán Gergely, Manek Gábor, Bede Márton, Vértes János Benjámin, Laki László