Wandering Dreamers: Love Affair

Szürreális, interaktív performansz angol nyelven. Ökológiai-szexualitás az erdőben, fákra szerelt mikrofonok és szeretkezés a természettel.


A  W A N D E R I N G D R E A M E R S női előadók által szervezett eseményeket és performanszokat támogató, több országon átívelő projekt. Spirituális eco-feminizmus, szeretet, költészet, szex-ökológia, minden ami segíti a résztvevőt az érzékeivel való újrakapcsolódásban.


We are longing for a deeper interaction with the nature. We want to share this affectionate moment with you and invite you to join us in a ritual: a sensuous experience of the forest, no separation, nature all around, getting it inside, soaking it through, tie it closely, rebirth with chlorophyll in the veins. “We make love with the Earth (…). We shamelessly hug trees, massage Earth with our feet, and talk erotically to the plants. We are skinny dippers, sun worshipers, and stargazers”. (Ecosex Manifesto)

W A N D E R I N G D R E A M E R S is an umbrella project embracing happenings and performance activities designed by female artists from Poland, Sweden and Turkey. Despite the long distances, different social and cultural backgrounds, as much as various artistic experiences, the group shares a set of values, interests and concerns, which became the foundation for these programs. Our pieces are strongly related to spiritual ecofeminism, love, poetry and sexecology, therefore our ultimate goal is to deliver inclusive, immersive and enjoyable experiences, which will help you to reconnect with your senses, build deep understanding of nature and respectful connection with the festival community.


Emma Fuchs Sjövall is currently undertaken an MA at Bergen Academy of Art. Her work explores different forms of collective gestures and actions with a focus on relational entanglement. In her research on different modes of listening there’s an ongoing attempt to work towards a post humanistic approach to the body.

Laura Ociepa is multimedia artist soon to graduate from Media Art Faculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She has undertaken educational scholarships at the University of Arts in Berlin and the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design in Bergen. She’s been working with esoteric knowledge and practices, usually approaching the subject with new technologies. She has been exhibiting and been occasional, virtual curator herself.

Cs. / Pé. / Szo. / 16:00-17:00 / Pagony