Wandering Dreamers: Hums and whispers

Szürreális, interaktív performansz angol nyelven. A művészek által felépített univerzumokat bekötött szemmel, a fülhallgatóból szóló vezető irányításával fedezik fel a résztvevők.

A  W A N D E R I N G D R E A M E R S női előadók által szervezett eseményeket és performanszokat támogató, több országon átívelő projekt. Spirituális eco-feminizmus, szeretet, költészet, szex-ökológia, minden ami segíti a résztvevőt az érzékeivel való újrakapcsolódásban.


Follow the sound and immerse yourself in bewitching universe of stories prepared by our artists. Take part in the unique journey and let yourself be guided and blindfolded to connect with the alluring imaginarium. Participants will hear tales and instructions, based on these they will be asked to take part in varied activities and exercises in the woods.

W A N D E R I N G D R E A M E R S is an umbrella project embracing happenings and performance activities designed by female artists from Poland, Sweden and Turkey. Despite the long distances, different social and cultural backgrounds, as much as various artistic experiences, the group shares a set of values, interests and concerns, which became the foundation for these programs. Our pieces are strongly related to spiritual ecofeminism, love, poetry and sexecology, therefore our ultimate goal is to deliver inclusive, immersive and enjoyable experiences, which will help you to reconnect with your senses, build deep understanding of nature and respectful connection with the festival community.


Śomi – former student of performance studies at Jagiellonian Univeristy, since 2014 learning logomotion and tuning scores (post-dance practices inspired by Nora Hajos) and developing her own poetic blindwalks. Her performances are based on work with voice, movement, poetry and drawings. Her performance ‘roe deer woman’ was presented among others at Movement Research, Eden Expressway (New York), Audio Art Festival (Cracow), Polifonie Festival (Cracow). In 2017-2018 she was co-leading Krakow Art House, home and gallery for creative and queer arts. Scholarship holder of Alternative Academy of Dance 2018 implemented by Art Station Fundation by Grażyna Kulczyk. She draws and writes fairy tales for adults and works with dreams. Her most significant solo exhibition embraced many performative actions referring to her lost fairy tales in the streets of Mexico City – project prepared in collaboration with Polish Embassy in Mexico. Since few months she is a part of a new Cracow-based gallery – Polish Naives.

Melike Futtu – Turkish journalist, performer and activist, currently living and working in Budapest.  Performer in a political women’s theatre “Tiyatro Boyalı Kuş” in Turkey.  Moderator of “Jazzine, Artzine Workshop” as a part of IKSEV İzmir European Jazz Festival in 2014 and 2015. Performer in “Kazinczy Open Theatre” and co-creator of “Magdalenas Budapest” community, which is the part of an international women theatre movement. Supporter of “Mikroszinhaz” (Budapest Micro Theatre), co-founder of “Theatre for the social change” workshop in Painters Palace and sister_riot.

Patrycja Rup  – Polish art curator living & working in Budapest. Graduate of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań/Poland (2015), specialized in Interactive Media and Performance. Co-founder of association and art house Kolektyw 1a in Poznań/Poland (2011-2016). Assistant (2015-2016) and curator (2017-2018) in Platan and Latarka Galleries in Budapest.

CS. / P. / SZO. 15:00-16:00 / Pagony