Sister Riot / Political Theatre Workshop: “Theatre of the Oppressed Praxis for the Empowerment of Female and Queer Body in Public Space”

/Angol nyelvű workshop a szexuális és gender identitást elnyomó cselekvések megtörésére./

The workshop will focus on how we can breakdown the binary oppositions, which label the sexual –  and gender identity through the method of theatre of the oppressed. In the first part of the workshop, we will try to reveal the questions, internalized judgments, biases, stereotypes regarding the sexual identity and gender identity.

In the second part of the workshop, we will try to focus on the notion of the body by focusing on the dualism of private space and public space and how it connects with the concepts of privacy, patriarchy and sexism. “How does private became public? and How do we can go further?”

In the third part , we will try to create strategies against the oppressive practices of patriarchy by figuring out negotiating actions.

We will reflect our experiences and the  role of theater of oppressed will be discussed with regard to achieve crucial social, cultural and political change and emancipation in our everyday lives – in public and political spaces.


P. / 18:45-19:45 / Erdei iskola