Tongue & Groove (UK) (UK)

psychedelic techno

Jake Ainley and Ric Featherstone met at many Flying Rhino and T.I.P parties in the 1990’s when the scene was exploding and they forged a mutual deep love of the psychedelic vibes and a passion for music production and deejaying. After putting on parties and records together for over a decade, they decided to get in the studio and create the twisted sonic delights that had been turning them on and to make some proper party music. In 2006 Tongue & Groove was born with a mission to create music that has the best combination of progressive, techno and psychedelic trance. With their musical roots immersed in the sounds of the beginnings of Goa Trance, they wanted to produce a new sound that both captures the best of that epic era with a new and exciting twist that could be best described as psychedelic techno – a sound that they have pioneered and is now spreading like wildfire around the world.