Szeri Viktor, Páll Tamás, Muskovics Gyula / PHOENIX

performance, contemporary dance

New Foxconn factories were built in the 37th district. Known as the city of the Sun, the former culturally diverse neighborhood is overshadowed by chromium skyscrapers. Shortly the last club will be demolished. The gentrification of the Blue zone has started. Even more new places are established in the basements of the abandoned, asbestos insulated stores in this peripheral area. Phoenix, under the 49th line, is open every week from Friday to Monday. The modern air filter system keeps damaging materials outside so the uninterrupted entertainment of the dancing crowd is guaranteed in the underground hangar. It is also recommended for those who prefer intimate intercourses due to its excellent laboratory and immaculate chamber system. In Phoenix there are no taboos, only secrets. A safe space where you can invent from A to Z how to give pleasure for yourself and others.’

PHOENIX is a dystopian nightclub envisioned by curator/theorist Gyula Muskovics, 3D artist/game designer Tamás Páll and dancer/choreographer Viktor Szeri. The creators are preoccupied with the changing role of the human body, and the notion of real experience on the verge of virtual and physical reality. Their performance revolves around lust, ecstasy and intimacy in a setup that evokes the world of role-playing games, cruising apps and networking sites. Once the audience enters realities merge and multiply. PHOENIX is an ongoing project that changes its shape; it moves, melts and mutates according to the moment and the space it occupies. In MeetFactory the the performance will borrow the de-centralized form of a party with live dj set.


Created and performed by: Viktor Szeri, Tamas Pall, Gyula Muskovics

Music: Andras Molnar, Tamas Marquetant