Societé Budapest pres.: Future Tribal


Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop


Mátrai Erik

// koncept:

Zita Sarvari, Ákos Vereczkey

Société Budapest presents itself with a brand-new art installation at  Kolorádo Fesztivál between June 19-22, 2019. The work is based on a tin cylinder designed by the AU Workshop and supplemented with Erik Mátrai’s light installation and the EJTECH’s technospiritual sound effects, which will result in a collective experimental experience. The almost 3-meter-diameter tin cylinder burns on the inside. The effect of the rhythmical booms on the inside of the cylinder and the colored smoke enwrapping the surrounding area creates a positive community feeling.

Société Budapest focuses on creative communities with its art programs, which are active players in our culture and society.  In addition to music-related and literary programs, Société is a committed supporter of fine arts, represented by panel discussions, two thematic international group exhibitions, and other fine art collaborations. The present site-specific installation also fit into this program.

About the creators:

The AU Workshop is an experimental architectural firm that places great emphasis on the relationship between the environment and the user. They believe in the use of simple and traditional architectural materials, but they also prefer to use in their objects and buildings materials that are a little further from architecture.

EJTECH is a polydisciplinary studio that works with experimental interfaces, electronic textiles, and futuristic materials. The subject of the community’s artistic research is the examination of the physical and digital synergy, the relationship between the man and computer, interpreted as interactive installations and dynamic works of art.

Artist Erik Mátrai creates phenomena using the immaterial instrument of light, or changes the picture of objects, giving us a new feel of space. The feel of space is the most important for him, the physical strength that transforms it into an individual entity. Experiencing his created spaces is a complete and captivating experience.