Perrin (HU)

Perrin is a talented young singer / producer from Budapest. He started off DJing and producing beats with the renown ELEVATED collective, then branched out to record his first solo EP ‘Lay Down’.

After their very first gig as a live band, Perrin & Co were selected as one of the winners of the talent-scouting competition KIKELTETŐ 2018! As a result Perrin has been booked to play some of the biggest clubs in Budapest & the most exciting music festivals in Hungary this summer.

In his own words Perrin describes his music as ‘parred-down but full of feeling, like driving your car on a seaside road… it’s the design aesthetic of vintage Cadillacs ‘. Rooted in the funk-soul legacy of the 70’s, with a nod to contemporary beat-tapes, Perrin’s sound is a balancing act, floating effortlessly between underground and mainstream. Simplistic, modern electronics go hand-in-hand with warm analogue synths, broken beats and the emphatic sound of Perrin’s voice, this is beautiful soul music for the here-and-now.