NEM! Women for Each Other Movement

Box creator workshop and bingo

NEM!’s main cause is helping in collecting for young girls living in menstruation poverty, you can see these boxes in many venues in the city, in the ladies room. You can help now creating and decorating collecting boxes, so we can place some more out in restrooms, so more sanitary product donations could be collected. And during the creating process, we can discuss the topic or you can ask about it freely in a safe place.

Fr. /  12:00-16:00 / Mező


Festival Women Experience

On the bingo card there would be statements that would tipicaly describe a woman’s experience. For example:

They wanted to buy me a drink against my will.

Consoling a stanger.

I felt I’m less then others.

I wanted to dance alone but someone came to me.

To be honest I can’t afforde to be here, but I’m here.

The point of the game is that through out the festival you’d find these cards all over Koloradó, you can take one and fill them out. Then at the end of the festival, we could discuss the results, and the topics that it deals with. Maybe it could shine some light on the invisible forces working in festival situations.  

Sa. / 12:00-16:00 / Udvar