Mediocre Drag Performance

drag performance

Drag and Noise, the visual and the sonic. The drag we all know includes a heavy dose of pop music. Can we take that away and replace it with noise? Do opposites attract? What does drag look like in 2019? How can we push the boundaries of an art-form that became so mainstream in the last decade. How can we make drag underground again? The concept “noise music” is more than a century old and has evolved so much since its’s birth, yet it still maintained it’s countercultural identity. Can we apply it to drag? Can it elevate drag? Will it depopularize drag? We have no idea! Come to Tinta and enjoy a an evening of beautiful chaos ala drag and noise, and maybe all our questions will be answers?



Sylphprincessfairyangelchouchou / Hungariana Grande / Lady Cucumber / / Federico Luz / wraith☽ / Silent Hill 2