Kinga Tóth: MariaMachina interactive installation and performance

The prayer work series „MariaMachina” by Kinga Tóth examines the traditional female roles and mirrors itt o our current situation. Kinga Tóth works with traditional songs of St. Maria and the life stories of other holy females and puts them into a dialogue with modern women. Do they have anything to say to each other? Kinga Tóth performs these new prayers in solo with different household objects referring the opinion of the current Hungarian government about the roles and to dos of women. With the musician and composer Michael Eisl they perform a new way of liturgy with traditionalmelodies and noise music Kinga Tóth’s solos were presented int he Monokrom Festival in Rome, int he Palais Tokyo in Paris and int he Minoriten in Graz.

This is the first time she performs it in Hungary in a more interactive way to try a common prayer.